Moving Forward

Hey there, bleeders. I'm taking some time out to talk to you about some things here. In the aftermath of being especially unwell last month, I have thought long and hard about how I handle things. As such, I came to the decision that I am going to change format a tiny bit. Rather than simply going through an entire movie, dedicating hour and hours to just talking solely about it, I am going to try something else.

I'm going in inject cheese balls directly into my veins.

Okay, no, I'm not doing that. What I'm actually going to do is shorten the reviews to discussing things about the film. Whether I think it's good or bad, why I do think that, and how it personally makes me feel. There will still be copious amounts of snark though. The reason for this is simple: so I can cover more than one thing in a day. I know, what a crazy concept. After I finish this up, there will be a new review following it. My hope is to try for 2-3 articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Which means eating a lot more cheese balls. Just so many.

I will be putting the same amount of effort into these that I did the longform ones, but they'll simply be shorter. That's probably going to make some people with much shorter attention spans extremely happy. And yes, Young Justice reviews will still be a thing. And they will actually still be longer, because the whole point is to dissect them thoroughly. Thanks for sticking with me all these years and I really hope you will continue to do so. I do this for all of you, which is good because I sure ain't doing it for the money. I am so terribly broke. If I didn't have people to live with, I'd be just screaming about movies on the street. I'd be the big hairy movie obsessed bum who bit someone for calling Michael Bay an auteur. Instead, I'm the big hairy movie obsessed writer who would probably still bite someone for that. But at least I'm not a bum.

By the way, give me some money please.