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My Personal War Against The Karate Kid Part III

This is my apology combination rant and review. I've been so busy with life and being horribly sick that I haven't had time to properly punish myself for your amusement all under the guise of being a legitimate critic of films. So, to make it up to you, we're going to talk about something that has been requested more than anything else. Something I swore I would never talk about, let alone acknowledge the existence of. Today we're talking about that time they decided to shit on two solid films by milking it with a third film. Yes, they made a fourth film too, but we're not there yet. And since people kept asking me what I thought about Cobra Kai throughout this year, it feels appropriate we're dipping into this particular vat of toxic wasted potential.

Here's your set-up: Daniel overcame his bullies, matured as both a person and as a fighter, fell in love, won a literal deathmatch, and his story felt complete from beginning to end. Well, not when Hollywood…

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