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Rock Python (Marvel Legends Endgame Hulk Wave)

By popular demand, I have returned to play with toys and justify spending money on these things despite being an older Millennial. And since one of my Twitter followers was nice enough to donate this figure in particular, I figured it would be a good place to start our revival of the oddly suggestively named "Play with Me!" feature here. So, Rock Python...who is this guy? Well, first we'll go by what I can remember off-hand without looking anything up or even reading his package. Let's see...he's an African mercenary who joined the snake themed villain group The Serpent Society over at Marvel Comics.

To be frank, I don't remember too much about and am not really a big fan of the Serpent Society in general. When it comes to snake themed organizations, I've always been more of a Cobra guy. I mean, G.I. Joe is my favourite toyline and has been my entire life, so that's not a massive shock. Anywho, let's learn a bit more about our beefy merc friend h…

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