Would you like to submit a movie to us to review? If so, you can send any online screeners our way and we will get to them as quickly as possible. If password protected, please include a link to the password in a private email to the email address below. Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, or whatever else, we promise to respect your rights and to discard any digital files afterwards so that they cannot be accessed by any third party.

If that's all square with you, then send them our way with "Review Submission" in the subject line at:


Please, do not send us fan edits or incomplete films. Finished works only.

Keep in mind that, unless you specify a need for them to be reviewed in a more timely manner, we may not get to them immediately. We will do our best to accommodate. We accept feature length films, short films, comics, graphic novels, movie soundtracks, and framed pictures of Bea Arthur.

We reserve the right to reject a submission if we feel it’s not in our interest. We’ll email you if we reject your film.

A review or opinion will not be retracted upon your request. That will only occur if the review or opinion is somehow truly hurtful towards a person or persons in a damaging way. We try to be constructive and entertaining, not behave like a gaggle of twats. We will, however, upon request, give a movie or work a second chance.

We also accept physical copies of films on DVD and Blu-Ray, so if you’d like to send us physical materials, or assorted gifts, take note of the address.

Brian K. Pittman
c/o BGAN
1895 Burning Tree Dr
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