Questions? Everyone's Got 'Em!

Hello, my beautiful bleeders and welcome to something altogether new that I'm adding to the main page. Now, as many of you likely already know, I have a Tumblr page where I tend to answer questions fairly often...and mock some of the laziest attempts at insulting me I've ever seen. Seriously, I got better insults flung at me by 5 year olds in Kindergarten.

True story. Children are savage as fuck.

In the past I gave thought to the idea of doing a full-on Q&A feature but never really got a lot of messages at the time to support one. Considering the many I got yesterday and throughout the weeks before though, I figured it might not be a bad idea to try this feature and give these questions proper attention. Now, I won't be answering every single question in one go, because that's ridiculous. What I will do is answer a good amount, possibly even squeezing in a few favourites. Another thing to note is that, since these mostly from Tumblr and people tend to ask thing anonymously there, I cannot credit every single question to the asker. Sorry, but hey, come off of anon and let me thank you for your effort next time, yeah? Without further ado, let's dig in and see what you've got for me.

We're positively bursting with anticipation!

"why no more requests?"

Yeah, I know, this one has been asked quite a bit, actually. I just picked yours because, frankly, it was the most recent. Requests have not gone away. You can still request anything you like me to review. But only if you're willing to toss some cash my way on Patreon first. Why? Because, for one, when I had open requests, I got an incredibly lengthy list foisted upon me. And I will do every film on it too. But, moving forward, I have to focus on things that aren't just requests. Thus, no more freebies means I get less in general. But, if you do buy any on Patreon, I can assure they will take precedent and will get done shortly after you buy them. So there's that, if you really do have something you want me to cover. Hell, I'm even willing to take requests for things that aren't films. Feel free to check out Patreon for details.

And also because I'm broke as hell. Bad movies, sadly, cost money.

"how come you hadn't been writing much this month?"

 Ignoring that typo, this is actually a really good question that bears acknowledging. Usually I put out a lot more during Kaijuly and I'm really quite sorry I haven't had that much out this year. Between problems with my OS, having to deal with things here physically, and with feeling pretty sickly the last week or so, my output has been sparse. I hope to squeeze in some more stuff before this month is finally over, but I can't really make up for what time has been lost. I do have another kaiju porno to go over and some other giant monsters that are a bit less porny to cover. All I can say is I'm sorry, but hey, shit happens.

I'm trying my best is all I can tell you.

"How do you feel about GhostBusters after seeing it?"
Well, I did talk about it in a video a bit ago, but I'll go ahead and talk some more about it, because I have a lot of love for the franchise, so I don't really get tired of talking about it. I quite liked the new film. It was funnier than the trailers made it look and between Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, it was hard to find moments that didn't elicit a smile. I don't regret defending the film one bit, but on that same note I would defend even a terrible movie's right to exist, especially given this was a new version that we'd not actually experienced at all. It's a fair bit different than approaching a formulaic series like say the live-action Transformers films, which all feel largely the same. We had trailers and interviews to go off of and not much else until the film actually was viewable. If you watched it, disliked it, and can illustrate actual reasons for that, great. But let's never pretend that it deserved the backlash it got and still seems to be getting. It's not a bad movie, it doesn't erase anyone's childhood, and the only thing it's really doing is getting kids excited for something a lot of others also got excited over as kids. That's great, in my book.

No, you can't look inside of my book. It's got naughty things in it, like nipples and beards.

"u said you were doin moar lets plays nigga wher r they"
Remember how I mentioned computer problems and being kind of sick? Yeah, it's made recording things hard. There's an animated film I still need to do a Quality Check video about. But yes, I did say I was going to do more Let's Play videos and I will. Trust me, I have plenty of games, many of which are donations, to select from. I'm hoping they'll have better audio quality than my only existing one does.


"Did the podcast die?"
No no no no no no The podcast is still alive, it's just hard to always make our schedules mesh properly, so it's been on pause for a bit until both Felix and myself can get together. We have no intention of abandoning it and I'm actually looking forward to the next episode because we're going to cover a big fallacy among the geek community regarding films. It's going to be a lot of fun and I hope you'll all check it out.

"you say we sometimes but aren't you the only writer?"
Well, obviously I'm talking about Tesla, Wolfie, and Ghaleon! Okay, no, not really. I mean, yeah, they totally still count, but I've been using we more often because in actually it isn't just me anymore. Cameron (mostly known for being my co-host on Dashboard Impressions) has contributed work here and there are other contributors pending. I have a friend who I've actually invited on to talk about anime and manga, as she knows it very well. So, there is definitely a we at BGAN now. It's just that most of the time you're still going to be stuck with me and my pretty face.

Simply too pretty for this world.

"favrite bad movie?"
Now there's a question! But it's a hard one, because bad means different things to different people. A movie I think is pretty bad might be beloved by others, right? But, let's just use the general "guilty pleasure" idea and go with that selection, yes? Now, while I do not feel any guilt over this, others will likely judge me for being a fan of it...Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Yep, I actually kind of like all of the films to varying degrees. It's weird, because I am not a car guy, but there is something that drew me to those movies and, despite their obvious flaws, I can't help myself. Tokyo Drift takes the top spot though as it reminds me a lot of a favourite anime of mine, Initial D, and touches upon what it's like to feel like a foreigner in a hostile environment. I've never left the country like the protagonist, but I have been stuck in a very hostile environment that felt like another country. It's jarring and lonely, so I do find myself empathizing with his plight in the film. Maybe one day I'll talk about the movies in detail, yes?

I could even talk bout the movie that's sort of a prequel.

"Why diyou become a critic?"
Yes, I intentionally saved this gem for last because, hey, it's a really good question. I certainly didn't set out to become one. I actually wanted to become a professional artist, if you can believe it. But, my art isn't really all that great. I'm not downing myself, I'm just being honest. There are a ton of great artists who are out there trying to earn a living and I'm just not in the same league as them. Luckily, I also found myself writing more and more as I became distant towards art. Eventually I found I enjoyed writing far more, so that was when I decided to work of writing something that may one day become a finished novel. Along the way, good ol' Felix made the pitch to write a few things for his site, which I happily did. I made that leap to critic after seeing the remake of Bridge to Terabithia, a film that ruined my mother emotionally and left her deeply confused. It didn't do that to me though, instead awakening in me an anger I'd rarely felt when watching films, as I often walked away from films I wasn't into. I wrote my first review, tearing the film a new asshole and agreeing to try covering some other stuff. Now, here I am, talking about bad movies for your enjoyment while occasionally sounding off on other subjects under the geek umbrella. And I'm honestly happy with where my life has led me. I wish I had money, sure, but hey...nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"Seriously, though...we need money. Someone tell Bloomberg to check out the Patreon."

And that is it for this load of questions. If you dig this and want to see another such article, feel free to drop over on Tumblr and feed me some questions. They can even be for one of the contributors, Tesla, Wolfie, or even that bastard Ghaleon. All of us are here for your entertainment, after all, and sometimes answering questions is entertaining in itself. Tomorrow I will return to talk about a movie...assuming my ass doesn't fall off or something else health related. Until then, keep being jawsome! Later days, bleeders!

These glasses hurt to wear.