New Name, Same Glourious Nonsense

Hello, my beautiful bleeders, and welcome to a slightly adjusted version of what was already here. Batman's Got a Nosebleed has exited the building and now Bastard's Got a Nosebleed stands in its place, ready to kick the teeth in on every bad movie, geek controversy, and Michael Bay clone that wanders into our purview. What does this mean for all of you? Well, first off, we'll be expecting you to send us you smallest toes. Not the whole things, just the tip. No, not really.


What it actually means is that you can expect some growth here. After 4 years of beating away at this desk, trading blows with movies, trolls, and large dust bunnies that look like they were dreamed up by Stan Winston, I'm looking to expanding things. We're going to have a Patreon, we're going to have more frequent videos, and we may even be adding some other contributors. We'll see how it all goes. Someone even thinks I should look into making merch, but I think we're going to give that some time to simmer. The point is, things are going to get better, not worse. This whole thing? This is a positive. And it's a great feeling to announce all of this right before we kick off one of my favourite times of the year, Kaijuly!

Call me Andy Samberg, because I just jizzed in these pants.
Now, here's the basics for you going forward: new stuff will go up everyday during event months/weeks, except for weekends. As someone pointed out to me...repeatedly...I need to let myself rest so I'm giving you my A-game, or at least as close as I get to that. Some those two days will let me rest. Outside of event months/weeks articles will be thrice a week, with a smattering of videos thrown in depending on availability. To answer a popular question, yes, I will be doing more Let's Play videos. They'll likely be simple "one & done" type videos, but there may be some exceptions. We'll see. It depends on my mood and whether my computer wants to eat my face. But yes, gaming videos are on the horizon.

Oh, the sights you'll see...
The Patreon is going up for a number of reasons. First, because some of you have expressed a desire in supporting my work via such a platform and have encouraged me towards setting one up. Second, because this job? Yeah, it doesn't really pay much...generally, guys like me who aren't writing for a much bigger site are only really getting free movies or tickets out of this from companies who want us to check their stuff out. I'm not being paid to give anything a good or bad review, nor am I being tossed cash to defend certain films that seem to attract blind hatred like flies to an internet trolls computer chair.

Assuming, of course, they have chairs.
Me? I'm still going to be the same smart-ass bastard you all have come to adore and/or tolerate over these last 4 years. This place will grow, it will get shinier, but I'll still be me. No matter how many haters send me anonymous messages be cause they're too cowardly to own up to their true identities, not matter the lazy bloody insults, or even the hardly terrifying death threats, I will soldier on through the swaths of porn, exploitation, B-movies, and assorted other fuckery. I'm here to entertain you, the inform you, and because doing both makes me smile. I look forward to keeping that going for the foreseeable future. Later days, bleeders!

And remember, don't look Ghaleon straight in the eyes.