Animated Things Worth Streaming

We're back and I'm going to use this chance to continue Things Worth Streaming, because hey, we all like to veg out and stream things. I'd say that most of the stuff people watch now is streamed through one of the many platforms available out there. And since we're celebrating animation all month long, let's take a look at some really good animated stuff just begging to be streamed.

Their lips are pouty and so is their fanbase in wake of the show's cancellation.

Young Justice (2010-2013)
Currently playing on: Netflix

Oh yeah, I'd be incredibly remiss to not include one of my favourite things ever. Hell, you all know I did a massive three-part retrospective on it because I had so much to say on the subject of this show. It summed up the best parts of DC animated work into a new take on the concept of teen heroes on a team together, giving us animation that was always top notch and a cast of characters that were easy to love. Even if you've streamed this already, I'd ask you to do it all over again, as the hubbub is that Netflix is watching how often it's streamed/watched/viewed and may be interested in continuing it. So, binge watch Young Justice, introduce to a friend, invite your nephews or nieces over, whatever, just settle in and show your love for a show that was (and still is) worth loving.

That's the face of someone who sees what you're doing when you're online at 3am and really horny.

The Secret of Kells (2009)
Currently playing on: Netflix / Hulu

I actually almost didn't include this here because I wanted to talk about it in detail via a review. But the problem is...this movie leaves me to awestruck to write about it like that. I mean, it is one of the single most beautifully animated things I have ever had the honour of sitting down to watch. The fact that it didn't win an Academy Award makes question the ethics and taste of the Academy...which is actually something I do every year when the awards come around. Regardless, this film is a haunting tale of Celtic folklore that is told through the eyes of two children from different walks of life. With it's moving mosaics and fluid animation, it's a film that truly deserves to be experienced, so please go do just that.

It's like that Ridley Scott movie...only it doesn't suck.

The Prince of Egypt (1998)
Currently playing on: Netflix

This is another almost covered film, just not for AniMaytion, because I came really close to giving this movie a good once over for Easter. Of course, I settled on a movie that actually was bad instead, so there you go. In my opinion, no film has better tackled the story of Moses than this one and I honestly think this may be the best film based on biblical text out there. It has a great cast, some truly memorable songs, and animation that is breathtaking. It really treats the story and its characters perfectly, and being that it is an animated film it actually lets the characters be the right skin tone. You just don't realize how sad it makes me that an animated film has more realistic depictions of Egyptians than most big budget live-action films do. It's a classic film for good reason and it's jsut waiting to remind you why.

It's that movie that almost everyone forgot about starring a beloved animated icon!

Astro Boy (2009)
Currently streaming on: Amazon Prime

Yeah, now this one will probably be a divisive choice. Hell, considering I actually am going to be reviewing in full soon (SPOILER ALERT), including here with some others i don't intend on reviewing might seem confusing. But see, I'm going to be doing a full article on this one because it is a movie that doesn't get much love or attention. It's actually very well-done animated feature with some strong performances from the voice cast and a story that feels like an homage to the original Astro Boy and Meet the Robinsons. But I think people have this opinion that an Astro Boy adaptation should be done strictly in Japan, as he is a classic Japanese character. That's kind of a shame too, because there aren't any problems at all with this adaptation. It's set in a future that is decidedly non-specific to it's world region and the entire thing is quite entertaining overall. I think it's time to give this one a second look, because I think you'll be surprised at what's here.

Stephen Hawking would've been invited, but he just wasn't animated enough. I know, I'm awful.

Genius Party Beyond (2008)
Currently playing on: Netflix

I haven't forgotten about Japan or its many contributions to animation as an art form, which leads me to this interesting little anthology film. Much like other films before it (Robot Carnival, Memories, Neo Tokyo, Genius Party, etc) this film showcases the work of several animation directors and their different styles. Each story is imaginative and intriguing, which is the standard when it comes to these anthology films. I have thought about covering anthology films in the past, but I find that covering multiple stories is a big task. The more stories, the more I feel guilty about not talking about them all in more detail while alternatively knowing I'd feel guilty in making you all sit through a giant review. Even if I don't though, don't let that stop you from checking this one out. Like Genius Party, this movie highlights the work of heavyweights in Japanese animation and really shows their abilities off quite well. Give it a watch and maybe you'll find yourself interested in checking out their other works.

Look, I'm sure there are jokes in my head but my brain has gone goofy looking at those screens.

Entering the Mind Through the Mouth (2010)
Currently playing on: Vimeo

Now, make no mistake, this is a short film. It is a fairly long short film, but it still falls into the category. I included it in this list though because it deserves all the attention it can get, because wow,  is it jawsome. Jin Sung Choi created this fantastic dark surreal tale about a boy and girl, both trapped in the minds of a cat and a mouse. I don't want to say more than that, because anything but a taste might take away from the experience. It costs nothing to watch and you can easily give up the 23 minutes it takes to sit through it. We need more animated films of this caliber and animators of this quality. Please, I implore you, watch it and let it soak into your eyes. I really don't think you will regret it.

Not one single letter...okay, well, I might regret that letter I wrote to Santa demanding he apologize for a Mexican film.

Despite my claim last time that I would be writing these when I feel beat down, I wrote this entry to help steer you all towards some things to get you into the same animation loving mood I'm in this month. It's a great art form and I am happy to take this chance to give it a spotlight. Just not on weekends, because I still need to sleep at some point. Later days, bleeders.

Now looking good while I sleep? Yeah, that's a bit harder to pull off.