Critics Hate Everything, So Why Listen to Them?

It’s really infuriating that some people legitimately believe this. Not just because I’m a critic and it does feel like an insulting statement in regards to my career, but also because it’s a really dumb statement. If you have an opinion, guess what? You’re a critic. To say that critics don’t matter...that the opinion of a critic holds no value or’re literally saying that opinions are invalid entirely.

You're basically behaving like a YouTube comment section.

I get it, you’re pissed off because one or more of us didn’t like something you really dug. That really sucks, it does. I feel you there, because not everything I like or love is treated with admiration or love from others. But you know what? I don’t shit on people for disliking something I like. That’s their right. And I most definitely will not shit on a professional who gets paid to share their view on things, because it’s not an easy task. Being willing to put yourself out there, to share your opinion in a public way, it’s risky.

Maybe not as risky as opening your own teenage brothel, but it's still risky business.
Do you know how many insults I have gotten for hating on some of the things I've reviewed? Countless. I've gotten hate-mail, death threats, and even questions regarding my sexuality. Why? Because I shared my opinion. Because I stood up and let my view of many things become public record. I grew up being threatened, beaten-up, bullied, and hated on. Anonymous hate does not bother me or frighten me. Stupidity though, that gives me pause. And make no mistake, saying someone's opinion doesn't matter is stupid.

Summed up pretty well there, Mr. Cleese.
I write here to entertain you all mostly, but I also do it because I feel like you deserve to know what you're getting into when you watch a movie. If I think that a movie is awful, I would be remiss if I didn't share this opinion with you all. You deserve the truth. And, while it is true that opinions vary and that you may enjoy something I hate, I will still share my feelings with you because I wouldn't be true to the spirit of this profession if I didn't. It'd be like the milkman showing up with bottles full of milk for you...then he just smashed them and shat on your front step. He wouldn't be doing his job and neither would I.

Then he'd be forced to join milkman fighting rings where bets are placed on which milkman can shank the other first.
There are so many talented critics and writers out there, working hard to both entertain and inform. The lucky ones get paid to do this job, but some are like me and merely do it for the love. It'd be great to get paid for this, because then I could spend more time doing it rather than filling out applications for jobs I'll never get, but I won't stop regardless. My opinion has value, Felix Vasquez's opinion has value, Brad Jones' opinion has value, John Squires' opinion has value, and your opinion has value. Sure, that was a terribly repetitive sentence, but it's true nonetheless.

Besides, repetition can be good.
Don't let your own bias blind you to being open to other viewpoints. And please don't hate on an entire profession of hard-working individuals who are all different and varied just because you disagree with some of them. Respect the courage it takes for some to step out into the light and give their honest opinions regarding something. Because not everyone will defend Howard the Duck as good film. Later days, bleeders.

Some things are just worth fighting for.