A Word From Your Writer

Despite the label/tag, this isn't really a rant but is more of me taking time to offer an explanation on the status of some things pertaining myself and the site/blog. Now, you've probably noticed I'm a bit lax this week on posting stuff. It's really hard not to notice. I could say it's because the two lists I wrote up were daunting and I need to rest up a bit, but that's only half true. I don't like dealing in half-truths because those are partial lies and I don't have any interest in lying to my loyal readers. You're all amazing and your support keeps me going.

Seriously, this is not the face of a man who is surviving off of healthy things. I mostly live off of pepperoni rolls & cereal.
I suffer from depression and it is always a constant battle. But, over the last several months...hell, most of the last year...it has gotten better. It has been much easier to cope with my personal issues and problems. Recently though, I hit a wall of sorts that caused a wave of depression to wash over me. It was something brought on by the death of many respected and admired idols of mine but no only by that. I experienced some very personal turmoil because of the thoughtless actions of another person and my own unwillingness to learn some people shouldn't be given second chances. Even now I will refrain from bad-mouthing this person because, despite it all, I still care about them. Sadly, all of this has left me in a rough state and has managed to put a damper on Shitmas. I'm really sorry about that. I will be attempting to write as much as possible over the next week, as I refuse to give up fighting. I just ask that you all bear with me. I will not let this stop me from entertaining you with my lunacy. Cheers to you, my beautiful bleeders! Let's make this year our bitch.

You may have to supply your own ball-gag though.