Horrorfest 2015

In a few short hours, it will officially be October. It is both my most loved and most stressful time of year. Those of you who have taken the time to get to know me via these lengthy text-based ramblings should know that I like spooky things. Well, most spooky things. Some spooky things aren't fun, as they do legitimately play upon a serious phobia that I want to try not talking about for fear someone might one day take advantage of it. But yes, I love October. And, as always, I face the tall task of delivering daily updates the entire month, which also makes this my busiest month of the year. Hell, I've been known to do more than one a day.

This means that I've been so busy gearing up for this massive month that I have actually had to put some other things on the back-burner, like that Disney movie review I was hinting at over on Facebook and Twitter. It happens, sadly. I am but one man who is desperately trying to keep himself from slipping slowly into the precipice as he watches many movies of questionable quality. But don't worry, those things will still happen once the month is over and I am still trying to get those damn videos done and uploaded. Any talented video editors out there who want to volunteer their services? I'll give you a hug. A big long uncomfortable hug. Yeah, being my own editor is a bit rough.

"Look at all these typos! What a looooooser!!"
Things have been a bit more challenging in the last few months, what with my computer woes and Cameron moving. But I have carried on and the show must go on! So, yeah, all this really is a nice little message to all of you to prep you all for the festivities kicking off tomorrow. Light those jack-o-lanterns, grab that bowl of candy, and burn the Christmas aisle down. It's time to get spoopy.

And remember to always clean your skin mask properly before use. Blood stains.