Merry Shitmas!

Merry Shitmas, bleeders! If you missed the announcement on my social media accounts, today officially begins what may very well be an annual celebration that I have dubbed Shitmas. All month long I will talking about holiday movies of a questionable quality. Now, while that doesn't necessarily mean these movies are bad by default, it does mean they're not exactly classics like say Holiday Inn or It's a Wonderful Life. No, these are the movies that exist on the periphery of the list of holiday movies. Now, you might be asking why I'm doing this now and not last month? Well, the reality is that I have a lot of issues regarding this time of year and I chose to take a break to deal with them. To make up for the lack of updates last month, you get Shitmas to help you ring in the new year. So, grab some milk and cookies, put on your favourite ugly sweater, and join me as I delve into the trash in search of treasure.

If nothing else, you can enjoy this awful drawing of me.