Anthony Hickox Week

Yes, Anthony Hickox, the man who brought us the film Waxwork. I sat here in a bit of depressed malaise and finally sat down to start working on a review of his less famous sequel, Waxwork II: Lost in Time, but I soon found myself unable to truly dedicate myself. I thought about the fact that I haven't written regularly since Horrorfest ended and I honestly felt more than a bit useless. It was a rather discouraging night for me.

Ghaleon tried to cheer me up by stalking Wolfie. Well, I think he was trying to cheer me up...
But yeah, I was depressed and not writing in a while was just making it worse. So, I sat there thinking about my problems, my life, and the movie before me. Then I thought about Anthony Hickox, who I was actually unaware was the director of the sequel to his earlier film. Huh. I then found myself wondering, what else has he done? What depths are there to the filmography of Anthony Hickox? The answer? He's done quite a bit, actually. And more than a few of them are horror movies from my youth. Even more shocking is that there are even some I hadn't seen yet. Weird.

I also discovered he played this guy in Waxwork. That guy there. Yep.

Thus I found myself pondering something beyond my own current sorrows. What are these other movies like? That's when I decided I would not review Waxwork II: Lost in Time...but that I would instead dedicate myself to exploring this director's work all week long. Although, I did come upon this during the last, I decided to do it this week instead and start things off fresh. From now until Sunday I shall be covering the works of Anthony Hickox, for better or for much worse. And yes, I will be getting to Waxwork II: Lost in Time, if for no other reason than I have name dropped it far too much in this article already so I may as well. It's almost like the director himself was guiding me away from my own problems.

Hickox works in mysterious ways.
So, put on your "I Heart David Warner" shirts and join me on this journey. I can't promise it will be a journey without peril, but I can promise a few chuckles at the very least. And let's be honest, you're really only here to snicker at my bullshit. Someone call Zach Galligan and tell him the good news. On with the show, bleeders.

Zach might need a little help though. I hear he keeps pretty busy around the holidays.