Play with Me!: Thrashor

Normally I would have a new Artist Showcase here, but we're going to delay that a bit and talk about something I have been itching to cover all of last month but couldn't due to my strict adherence to the month's kaiju theme. We're going to talk about a toy. Now, people have a clear idea in their head when it comes to what a toy is, but not everyone thinks the same thing. Some people think they're just something for kids, others find they're something to collect or sell for value later on, and others simply love simply playing with them because they dig toys. Well, I am not really any one sort of person. I do collect some really cool toy type things, but I don't really play with them. I also don't always leave them in the box either though. That's a special honour I bestow on only a handful of items. Today we're going to talk about a very particular item that fits in that description for me. We're going to talk about Thrashor.

If you don't find this image awesome then you are on the wrong site.

Thrashor is the creation of 8-Bit Zombie, a place you should definitely go check out. It's a place where the 1980s are still in full swing and I adore it to no end. Our topical figure here actually started out there as a t-shirt design, if you can believe it. He was (and still is) featured on a t-shirt where he is in a Masters of the Universe themed 8-Bit Zombie blister-card package. And let me tell you, it's a really cool image. It's no wonder that he eventually found his way to the plastic world. But this isn't the first actual figure, as he actually had a first run where he was unpainted and seemed like he might even glow in the dark. Did he? Well, I have no idea, as I missed my shot to get him. But he sure looked radical!

More well-sculpted that a young Dolph Lundgren in the Masters of the Universe film.
But there existed hope for this miserable wretch, for the creator said he would make more one day. So I waited and bided my time as I made sure to have the funds available for the day this glourious beast was borne back unto the world. Then, not too long ago, it finally happened! And it was finally mine!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAeguhghahem...sorry, I got caught up in the moment. But yes, I finally had a Thrashor promised to me. All was right with the world. Surprisingly, he got here faster that I ever expected too. That's always a nice plus right there. So, I've gushed my tale, let's get to the talking about the toy itself.

The promised day has arrived! It's so beautiful...
First thing, let's talk about the packaging. I grew up in the 1980s, having been born in 1983. As such, I think I have a very good eye for Masters of the Universe related things, being that the cartoon began the year I came screaming into this world. I saw nearly every single MOTU toy there was to see line the shelves as a kid and always loved the cards. The exploding colours on the front and the characters on the back just begging to be hunted down for your collection, it was great. And the coup de grace was at the top of the back, as it always featured a great rendition of the character doing their thing. I still have a soft spot for any toys that feature actual artwork someone did with their hands. It's the sort of design you don't really see much on toys anymore. This packaging does a perfect job of being an homage to the original design, not only with the explosion of red and blue hues on the front, but with a back that features possible future figures and a fan-fucking-tastic piece of art of Thrashor skateboarding the Eternian landscape at night while a volcano erupts in the background.

My incredibly crappy photography doesn't do this justice, I swear to you.
There is an entire potential line-up there, including two Thrashor variants that I would happily buy in the future. Even cooler is the instructional boxes on the side showing off Thrashor's features, recreating happy memories of scanning the back of many a He-Man enemy package as a child. Why not the good guys? Because the monsters were cooler looking, of course! I've got to say it too, this is the perfect figure for younger me too, as he's not only a zombie skateboarder with power glove (IT'S SO BAD) but he also gives the good guys another much needed monster for their ranks. I can just enivision him hanging out with Moss Man and Buzz-Off as Man-E-Faces tells them about his drunken exploits. Good times.

Then it bent, just like this spear & she drove me to the ER...most awkward family reunion ever.
The figure itself, like the former Thrashor figure, is amazingly well sculpted. It's something that easily could blend in with someone's classic MOTU collection, leaving none the wiser to it being a newer figure. The attention to detail is subtle, but perfect. Front the aforementioned power glove he stole from that bastard Lucas, to his Chuck Taylors, it's all so cool to look at. Much like the classic MOTU line, there are unpainted details, which only adds to the charm. His hat has a printed THRASH written across it and his skateboard features another 8-Bit Zombie design of a pixelized Skeletor head with crossbones. His vest also has buttons, because what leather vest is complete without them? My personal favourite detail has to be his left eye, which unlike his right has a lone whited over eye. It's very striking and very imposing.

It's easy to win a staring contest when you have no eyelids & your opponents think you might eat them.
And, as you may have noticed, he's got an actual paint job this time. That is pretty damn cool in and of itself. It's honestly the only way you could improve upon what was already a great looking figure. Now, it goes without saying that I won't be removing Thrashor from his packaging. Not because I think all toys should be pristine, but simply because the package is too beautiful to damage. Besides, he's easier to dust off this way. Overall, I have to say that this is a great figure for any collection. Whether you're a huge Masters of the Universe fan or simply a collector of unique figures, Thrashor is worth the price. After all, who would want to own the most awesome zombie in all of Eternia? So, do yourself a favour and go grab him while you can. He won't last forever, because nothing good ever does. Feel free to buy the Thrashor shirt too. Remember, idle hands are the devil's plaything supposedly, so grab something fun and get to playing. I promise I won't judge.

Man-E-Faces might judge you a little though.
Oh! I almost forgot to include one of the coolest things about getting Thrashor! Included with him was not only a limited edition patch to put on my favourite jacket or vest, but a whole mess of goodies including stickers, old trading cards, candy, buttons, and an old M.U.S.C.L.E. figure. I won't lie, I was just as happy to see this as I was to see Thrashor himself. I love old stuff from my childhood and this was tapping right into that. So, as an added bonus I've included a photo of the goodies. Until next time, Bleeders, remember to high five any skateboarding zombies you run across the next time you're in Eternia.

The 1980s vomited all over me and I love it.