Artist Showcase: The Alebat

Welcome, Bleeders, to our very first Artist Showcase. This will basically be exactly what it sounds like, which is a showcase of art from some of my favourite artists. And who better to start with than one of my absolutely favourite artists in the world, the very same person who contributed the banner for this place, my friend Alex. I have known Alex for a while now, originally making friends via deviantArt of all places. I was a huge fan of every piece of art that Alex cranked out and it is my distinct honour that I am considered a friend. Without further ado, here's some selections for everyone to enjoy.

As an added bonus, here's two pieces that I own and proudly display on my wall. Alex sent these to me just because we're friends. I am incredibly grateful to have an awesome friend like Alex, the art is just a lovely perk. So, now that I've shown off some of my favourite pieces, you should go check out more work from the artist at the source. Below are some links to help with just that.
On a finale note, I would like to thank Alex for being my friend and bearing with me all these years. I hope our friendship continues on until I finally die of a vicious attack from a rabid teenager.