I'm Alive. Really.

Hey, I am still alive and haven't caved in to overwhelming depression or the desire not to live in a world that would see Donald Trump given power! I'm sure that some of are pretty happy to hear that. I've actually gotten quite a few messages about it actually because, following my last article, you all seemed to be worried about me. I'm mostly fine. Again, cisgender white guy here. Sure, I'm poor, but I'm not likely to be the victim of any hate crimes or profiling any time soon. I can manage. But, seeing all those messages reminded me that I have a ton of unanswered questions from you lovely people and I should probably answer some of them. So, here we go once more into another edition of Q&A!!

Look at my boner! His name is Daniel.

"Shin Godzilla?"

 Alright, this one is something I've gotten tossed at me a lot. I do Kaijuly, after all, so it's to be expected that people might be curious about my feelings regarding a giant monster movie, especially a really big one like this one. Now, to be clear, I have not yet had a chance to see it. There was a window of opportunity but it got slammed shut by other factors I had no control over, so I've had to wait like many others. Based on the trailers and other things I've seen, there's good stuff there. i like the classic music, for example. It really appeals to my inner kaiju nut. But I still don't really dig the overall look of the big guy overall. He frankly still looks goofy to me. The googly eyes, the spasming tail, the toothy grin...not really striking fear for me. That's not to say the movie is awful, as I have not seen it, but for me the design is a major part of the appeal. The story may rock but I will probably always look at Shin Goji as being the goober of the Big G clan.

He can always go hang out with that other nard, Gabara, though.

"how are you doin?"

 I can't tell if you're flirting with me or genuinely asking if I'm okay. Don't flirt with me, please. It's an awful idea. I'm pretty boring and I ramble about movies and post-apocalypse stuff too often. I also sing songs from musicals. It gets weird. As for how I am actually doing, well, I'm alright. It does get a bit depressing this time of year but I've gotten pretty good at coping. I'd probably be writing up a storm on here too if it wasn't for being busy with other stuff because...well...holidays. It does remind me how badly out of shape I am though when wrapping presents makes me feel winded. Don't even get me started on that shelf I put together. But yeah, I'm doing good. I hope all of you are too.

I tried to smile but I did this instead.

"No more videos?"

 Okay, so, I had new videos all ready to go. Quality Check videos on The Magnificent Seven & Doctor Strange, some Let's Play stuff, and even a vlog. And then I was a huge massive idiot and it all got erased by accident and now I have to record new Quality Check videos but haven't had time to because holidays and ARGH! Basically, I've been living that Charlie Brown life a little too hard. Hopefully I can get some stuff done and up soonish, but I don't want to make a promise because I can't guarantee anything. But yeah, there will still videos.

Daniel has been trying to punish me by attempting to eat my face.

"you ever thougt about doin a commecial thing?"

 You mean like highlighting old commercials and talking about them? Well, it's an idea. I do have a lot of old commercials that I could easily find things to say about. I might give that shot. Maybe I can even do some Christmas commercials for Shitmas. Thanks for laying that on me, I like it.

But not as much as I like creamy delicious Alpine White bars...


I know, right? Totally jawsome to see the fans finally getting all that fighting for a new season pay off like that. And, as a secondary comment regarding some other similar Young Justice questions, I have an announcement to make. Starting in January I will be doing a weekly series on Young Justice that will consist of me reviewing every single episode. That's right, because you all wanted it, I'm going to go back and get back in there to dissect it for your amusement. It's a great excuse to rewatch the whole series again too. Again, it's a very important thing to me, so I am super excited about this.

Not that anyone could figure out what a massive fan I am or anything.

"doing anything for valentines day?"

You know, I just might. There was a time when I receded entirely inside myself during that period, mostly for reasons outside of being forever single, but I'm a much more happy and secure person now. It makes it a lot easier to write and share things with people when I'm not curled into a ball under my blanket weeping incessantly. I already did a list of sad movies for it a while, so maybe I should do a list of my favourite romantic movies? We'll see.

I may never find love but at least I'll always have the mutual hate I share with Ghaleon.

"What actors do you wish got more love?"

 Oh man, there are a lot of them. Jean Reno, Tom Atkins, Dan Haggerty, Olivia Luccardi, Melinda Clarke, Frank Grillo, and Phil Fondacaro to name a few. There are so many talented actors and actresses out there who do their jobs amazingly but never get the acclaim they deserve. Some do, but only in certain places, and others only really get buzz when they get cast in a popular television show or something. Probably my biggest one who deserves more love is Phil Fondacaro though, because he has done so much and he always does a great job in even the shittiest of productions. The man is truly amazing and I would love to meet him someday and thank him for the work he's given us.

You're the man, Phil.

"fav zombie flick go"

 Now there's a hard one. Despite the oversaturation the zombie genre has had going on, I still enjoy a good zombie movie. Picking one in particular as a favourite is tall order though, because there are so many I love. My opinion on which is the best might change because of how difficult it is to narrow it down to one in particular. I will have to go with George Romero's Day of the Dead though, because it's one of those films I always come back to. His portrayal of trauma there in the form of Miguel always stuck with me. And the characters are all incredibly memorable, both good and bad. But, most of all, it gave us Bub, the zombie who began a trend of zombies learning to be more than just flesh eating monsters. His main motivation in the film was vengeance and it was something we all rooted for. For all of those reasons, Day of the Dead is the tops for me.

Daniel, of course, disagrees with me.

"you gunna do any chritmas movies?"

 Of course I'll be covering some seasonal stuff! I always do. But, again, I don't usually do so in December. Shitmas, our annual celebration of holiday films of varying quality, is generally a January event. This is because I stay pretty busy helping my family get things ready for our own holiday shenanigans and it leaves little time (or energy) left to properly focus on writing reviews. It's like a vacation where I don't actually get any rest. But rest assured that Shitmas is on the way and I have some special things in store for you. I mean, I don't want to spoil it but...well...

Oh yeah. We're going there.

And that ends another session with the old bag of questions. Be sure to send more and maybe they'll end up on the next entry in this now monthly series. You can ask me directly over on Tumblr, Facebook, or even Twitter. I always see them all and, assuming they're not just lazy hatemail, am sure to get to them eventually. Until next time, I'll be here trying not to go insane as I am forced to cut tiny Santa hats. Later days, bleeders!

Daniel might come back...or he might be buried somewhere. Tesla's call on this one.