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Juggernaut is Better as a Hero (A.K.A. Comic Books Have a Toxic Nostalgia Problem)

Hey, bleeders! Let's talk for a second about a very serious problem that affects us all: toxic nostalgia. What that generally means is that some people get so caught up in their memories for something that they end up taking a fat steaming shit on thing they loved by forcing it to match their memories rather than letting it grow and change. This can lead to them making a sequel to a two-film arc that totally negates the character growth and follow that up with a spin-off show that further ruins that character growth. Now, that's not the topic of today's journey into toxic nostalgia (or corporate greed, for the matter) so we'll table that for later.

Today the subject of toxic nostalgia is going to a very particular place: comic books. And let me tell you, nowhere is it more prevalent than there. From Spider-Man's marriage being magically poofed by editorially mandated deals with personifications of the devil to undoing one of the most powerfully dramatic moments in…

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