Let's Get This Out of the Way

I don't really want to talk about it but, after a lot of messages on the subject, we're going to talk about it anyway. We just had an election. It went...badly. We got some good things out of it, sure, but overall it was not great. I am not a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Tea Partier, or a strange lizard man from outer space who fell in love and turned on his people. I'm just a guy, part of a large group that gets largely shat on simply because we're all young.

For the record, I'd rather be the friendly lizard alien. Nothing against any of you.

The problem is that when you're younger, you're largely disregarded. You're looked at with contempt, like you're something terrible simply for being young. My candidate didn't get the nomination and I have a feeling that he was the same person a lot of you wanted too. We all felt the Bern, and now people are literally feeling the burn because fires are being set to places in the aftermath of this rather tumultuous year's election results. A lot of you are genuinely afraid of what's coming and I understand completely. Our president elect lit a fire in the hearts of all the wrong sorts of people and now he's appointed a white supremacist as his chief strategist. A man whose thousand yard stare calls back memories of lynchings, burning crosses, and a war that literally split the country in twain.

Good call.

With this appointment it's not only a much scarier prospect than before, but it's going to make those Adolf Hitler comparisons more appropriate than ever as Steve here vocally spews hate towards Jewish people. No, it's not giving me the warm and fuzzies seeing this process come together as Trump builds what will probably be a grouping of outright idiot yes men and blatant bigots like Bannon. I want to offer you all some hope, but I can't lie to you. It doesn't look great. At this point, I will not be surprised if someone dons a mask and blows up a government building.

Oh, what a hilarious internet meme that isn't becoming a horrifying reality at all.

The truth is that things are not in a good place right now but you can do something about it. Follow the examples of other like-minded individuals and get out there to make your voice heard. Stand up and remind them that you're not a "lazy millennial" but a young person trying to forge a future for themselves rather than let a bunch of old bastards burn it out. I know it's scary and that it's difficult because they make it that way. I get threatening messages just because I made some jokes a shitty movie about Jesus but at the end of the day I have privilege to fall back on. I'm a white cisgender male. I will likely survive because what I am does not paint a target on me.

Except for when I talk about shitty exploitation films about Jesus. Because that's worth threatening to kill someone over.

I'm still scared though because I know people who are targeted. People are frightened and angry, who feel like they might be better off running away or committing suicide in light of all of this. If you're in that grouping, please, do not kill yourself. Life is too short and too valuable to throw away like that. Call someone, get some help, and hopefully we can all make it through this. Because when you stop trying, when you stop fighting, that's when the shitheels win. Don't ever give up, please.

No punchline here. Just some advice to save yourself for those who love you.

If this doesn't get somehow undone, if we really are saddled with what is looking to be another shitty president, we need to remind ourselves that we can make it through this. We can do it together by looking after one another, supporting neighbors and friends, and standing firm with our beliefs in being decent human beings. I genuinely hope that my stupid jokes and snark can help ease your pain as we move forward. Then again, I might just move to Oregon. I hear they might be seceding. Later days, bleeders.

I love all of you. Even you, Tim, you salty biscuit.