Kaijuly III: Kaijudgement Day

Ah, here we are, back into one the happiest months of the year. Kaijuly has rolled around once more to bring about that magnificent massive monster mayhem. It's our third year of this too, only this time we have a fancy new name. What can I promise you this month? Well, other that the obvious gaggle of giant monsters, there will be some films I should've talked about ages ago. As a matter of fact, I believe today's film fits that category rather perfectly. There will also be the standard top ten list, only this one will be extra special, and there will be a...NSFW kaiju review? GASP!! It's going to be the biggest Kaijuly ever, bleeders, and I genuinely hope you all eat it up like Kumonga does its victims. Let the destruction begin!

It's time to settle this with a giant reboot monster showdown!