Welcome, bleeders, to our new yearly celebration of all things animated! I have a deep love for animation and I have always felt like I don't talk about it nearly enough. It seems a lot of you felt the same way too, because I have gotten various requests and questions asking either for me to cover particular things that are animated or simply asking why I don't cover more animated stuff in general. The easy answer would be to say because I am often caught between talking about terrible movies and my own personal life. And, as we've seen, sometimes those things seem to intersect. But I remain undaunted and have decided it's long past time I give you what you want.

Or rather give you some of what you want.

I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, meaning I was born in what many call the sweet spot for animation evolution. I got to see the transition period in full effect, experience some really great animated films on the big screen, and was soaked deeply in Saturday mornings at their very best. To say that I have some familiarity with animation would be an understatement. I ate the stuff up. Not just domestic stuff either, as I often ended up with strange foreign things laid before me. Stuff that most parents would shy away from showing their kids, my own parents let me check out. I had extremely cool parents and still do. Over the course of this month I will be talking about animated films, shorts, series, and at least one animated game. Not all will be good but I can guarantee that I will be fair to each and every single one.

Maybe it's time to distance ourselves a bit from some of the more controversial topics?

Just kidding though, I don't care if what I say gets me hate. My opinions regarding those films still stand but it's time to move least there's something that actually ends up reminding us all of those. And yeah, that will probably happen. It's hard to avoid iconic characters like Mr. Jeezy Bits and the unrequited Superbros. In the meantime, I hope you'll all stick with me as I take you on a highly animated journey. Later days, bleeders.