Shitmas 2015

Ho ho ho, merry Shitmas! Yes, I'm back and I still feel pulled thin. I've recently begun recording Let's Play videos at your behest and I also find myself in the midst of preparing for the holiday that involves giving gifts to loved ones while living in fear of the horrifying man who lives on the cans of Coca-Cola.

He knows when you are sleeping...not me though, as his presence creates a marked lack of sleep on my part.
I've now finished the vast majority of my shopping and can happily say that I chose gifts everyone should be pretty copacetic with. It's a hard thing though, shopping for loved ones. You have to learn what they love, what they already own, and what they desire. Not everyone is as easy to shop for as Grandma, you know. She's all about hugs and not much else. Other people are much more fickle. I even have to confess that I have almost no idea what to get my sister and I don't know if I ever really did. She and I exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. She wears Old Navy and I wear a denim vest covered in buttons and patches. But I still love her all the same. I think she prefers I focus more on gifts for the kids, to be honest. Luckily, I do have a pretty good handle on the stuff they dig.

Even though it can become pretty obvious how chaotic keeping it all straight really is.
I did actually say I was going to kick this Shitmas off with a certain terrible movie, but today has been a tiring one so I decided to take it slow. Tomorrow you'll get a real article for your perusing. I promise it will be both a review and involve Christmas. I have some special stuff planned for you all this month, so I hope you'll stick around to enjoy the festivities. You don't have to drink the egg nog but I will appreciate if you snicker even a little. So, enjoy the season, have happy holidays, and prepare for a nice chilly Shitmas, bleeders!

And remember, Shitmas is for everyone.