Top 10 Things You Should Buy This October

Halloween is fast approaching and you know what that means! Spend, spend, spend! Well, you don't realy have to bust the bank or anything, but if you really love this time of year as much as I do, then you probably enjoy buying things that fit the overall theme. Spooky cookies, pumpkin shaped delicacies, and maybe a mask to make those little jerks rethink the egging of your house when you spring out at them. Yes, if you love Halloween it's pretty difficult not to buy scary things when October rolls around. So I have cooked up this lovely list of my own personal recommendations of things worth buying this year. I promise the prices won't be too ghoulish.

#10, Some Sort of Candy Bowl
Yeeeesssss, stick your hand into my mouth for the candy. Nothing bad will happen.
Yeah, this should be a no-brainer. Sure, you can use any old bowl around the house, but that's boring. Why not liven things up? Just because we're celebrating the dead doesn't mean we should act like zombies. My personal favourite choice is this little number, pictured above. But there are many other awesome choices too. Or you can just get creative and make your own. Kids appreciate the extra effort, trust me. My first Halloween in Florida I got to be the interactive element myself as I was disguised as a decoration on our porch. When kids reached for the candy, I slapped my hand into the bowl. Best year ever.

#9, Halloween Oreos
Judging by the packaging, I assume these were conjured via witchcraft. I always knew Oreos were magical.
Yet another obvious choice, as who can pass up on these? Look at that delicious orange cream and those spooky designs. This is just begging to be bought in bulk. Diabetes, here we come! But seriously, these have become a tradition for me and, while they really are just Oreos with dyed cream, they're still Oreos and you know those are good. And hey, you can even toss some in sandwich bags and give them out as treats. I always loved stuff like that. As for where you can buy these, well, generally any grocery store carries them but Amazon also has the hook-up.

#8, Crazy Bones Lollipops
Now you too can have boners in you mouth! Wait...
These are a fairly recent discovery on my part and I love them dearly. These are, quite literally, just lollipops. Well, there is one big difference as they do not have the classic paper stick, a plastic stick, or even a ring to hold them. No, instead they have bones! No longer my your lollipop look boring because now you can eat them secure in the knowledge that it will always look like you just finished eating a tiny person and are using there arm or leg as a toothpick. I found these at Save-A-Lot but you can also find them over here.

#7, Bloody Handprint Clings
Nothing says Halloween like implying a brutal homicide has occurred.
Call me old fashioned, but these things never get old to me. There's just something lovely about walking up on a house that has bloody handprints all over the place. It's very inviting. There are many varieties of these to choose from so I'm just going to go with these. I'm sure you can find these at stores pretty easily and they're not very hard to apply. And if you're a lady with a sense of humour, you can always put these out when that time of month rolls around and enjoy them all year round.

#6, Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid Jammers
Please never leave us like our beloved Ecto-Cooler did.
These can be surprisingly hard to find in some places, I hear, so let's talk a bit about them. First off, they do come in mix form but I have never once found those myself, so I must assume that they are as rare as The Great Bluedini and Rock-a-dile Red are. You all know Kool-Aid Jammers, which are essentially pre-made pouches of Kool-Aid so parents can just toss them at ravenous children. But these are special as these are GHOUL-AID! Yes, once a year they give us Scary Blackberry flavoured drinks to wet our whistles. Why is the blackberry so scary? Who knows? It sure is tasty though. I like to pretend it's actually blood that Count Kool-Aid Man stuck in there from all the kids in the commercials who got too old to be cute. Why are you looking at me that way? Oh, and you can pick some up over here.

#5, Screaming Doormat

Not to be confused with the crying doormat, which is usually a sign of a bad relationship.
This right here is something that is always fun. These come in plenty of varieties too from ones that can be hidden to ones that are a little more obviously themed to the season. Walking up to a house one of these on October 31st is always a delight because it's clear the people there love the holiday and will likely have some good candy. If you get one of these I hope you are packing some good sugary loot because there will be an expectation.

#4, Lego Monster Fighters Sets
Pardon me while I mop up all of this drool on my desk.
Now here is one the pricier things on this list but it's also one of the best things ever. Lego gave us these sets a few years back but they barely marketed them at all instead choosing to push thinly veiled Power Rangers and Thundercats rip-offs. It's a shame too as a cartoon based on this would've been awesome. The concept is fairly obvious: there are monsters and there are people who are fighting them for possession of these powerful stones. These sets run from small to very large and the best one is pictured right up there. I don't have that one, sadly, as I barely get by. But I do have few smaller sets like The Swamp Creature and The Werewolf. You can bet that if I ever win the lottery I will have a massive display for these babies though. If you want to see about grabbing some then be my guest, but try not to have a heart attack. Lego sets are rarely ever cheap.

#3, Scream Factory Blu-Ray Releases
This is giving me so many happy childhood memories. Who need bikes or pools when you've got horror?
Yes, if you're a horror fan then you definitely should be acquainted with Scream Factory, an offshoot of Shout Factory that deals exclusively in horror movies. They have done a lot of work to realease many forgotten classics from the 1980s and always jam their releases full of extras. If you buy directly from them you can even get posters free with the movies that feature the new artwork that many of their releases have. The best way to get the posters though is to pre-order what you want though, as they tend to run out otherwise so go check out their haul and prepare yourself for a marathon worthy of Halloween.

#2, Funko ReAction Figures
My childhood dream of owning Jason and Freddy in the same size as my G.I. Joes has finally come true.
Does anyone remember Kenner? Because Funko sure does. Once upon a time Kenner ruled the toy isles with their Star Wars toys and they were going to put a whole line of toys based on the movie Alien. But, sadly, the line got cancelled after parents reacted negatively towards the 12-inch Alien figure. Stupid parents. What do they know? They bought us all My Buddy dolls which we all ended up being terrified of after Child's Play, so clearly parents should not be in charge of toys. Looking back, My Buddy was creepy long before Chucky entered the world. I never liked the doll staring at me when I used the bathroom. It made my sphincter tighten up like a young hairless man on his first day in prison. But yeah, Funko decided to make the Alien figures happen all these years later...and they brought some friends along too! It makes perfect sense too, as they have all those licenses from their Pop vinyl line, so let's see some more goodness, Funko. These can be bought in many places but here's my own personal recommendation.

#1, A Really Cheap Mask
Because then you can fix it up and make it a really cool mask.
Yes, this is the number one thing. It's always tricky finding the right mask, so why not just grab a cheap crappy one and some paint, glue, and whatever else to make it a terrifying mask worthy of October? It's what I did last year with the above mask and you can see how good it looks. It started out at this horribly cheap mask I got at Wal-Mart that appeared to be made of congealed tomato sauce that had been mixed with rubber cement. They still sell them too. So, I grabbed it and took to it and cut of several bits of plastic, sanded off the words print on the front of it, used some glue re-texture that area, then painted the entire thing to resemble dead skin so it looked like I was wearing someone's actual face. It's been a big hit for me and I think it's something that everyone should do at least once.

Don't forget to get your seasonal cereal fix too.

That's the list, ghouls and boils. You don't have to buy anything on it, but it's a nice place to start if you are looking for some interesting things to buy for your fear focused festivities. Me, I basically celebrate Halloween all year round in my room, so I am extra happy to see more themed products out. Good luck shopping, bleeders, and have a very ghoulishly good month. Later days.